The breeding and rearing of owls and other birds of prey.

The keeping, breeding and rearing of owls and other raptors is a time-consuming and very costly activity. So we strongly advice you up front: “look before you leap:! However, if the love and respect for these animals capture you to a point, that it almost seems like an obsession, then you can probably go ahead. You will probably be pronounced “owl-worthy”.


A wild bird of prey, surrounded by mystique and myths, and with an established reputation in eather it's dumbness as well as it's wisdom that goes back far in the days, that's an owl. This is probably the best way to define this animal. Even if the animal has been reared in a humanly controlled environment, it wil always stay a wild animal. And you have keep treating it like one. Owls just aren't pets. Having said that, they can be reared with a certain tameness, but only with a lot of care and patience. The intensive social interaction, form the moment the owl is born, absolutely helps.


Allthough there are no specific names for the male or female owl, the male owl is commenly called a “tercel” (Tarsel in Dutch) and the female owl is sometimes called an “eyas” (Wijf in Dutch).

What would you do with an owl??
Well, you could just keep them and nurture them as they are, but you can also train with them, teach them in flying, show them or breed them.

How to accomodate an owl?

It's certainly not recommendable te keep an owl in a cage in your living room. You absolutely need an outside-aviary, where the owl also has the opportunity to stay dry and sheltered. And when you're planning of breeding owls, the aviary has to have a nesting box for the eggs.

How big should an aviary be?

We think the minimal basis you have to consider are a with of 2 times the span of the owl, a length of 4 times the span of the owl and a minimal height of 2 to 3 meters (approximately 6,8 – 9,8 feet).



These are just some general and random tips and advices regarding the purchase end keeping of birds of prey in general and owls in particular.

Are you intriged or even convinced that you have to start keeping and nurturing owls, but you would like some more specific information and insights? Please do not hesitate to contact us!