Look into the eyes of an owl and you're lost...

That's exactly what happened to the founders of uilenHartjes in 2003. An animal that can turn it's head over it's leftshoulder as to observe it's pray over it's rightshoulder, made such an impression on them, that they couldn't let go anymore.

The founders decided tot study the life and wellbeing of owls. They are extremely interesting animals, birds, birds of prey, that have the capacity to hunt a prey in by the twilight of the day, or even in the middle of the night, and catch them in flight in complete stealth mode, just by it's flawlessly hearing. UilenHartjes have specialized themselves in breeding and rearing of these magnificent birds, inspired by the respect that owls and other birds of prey enforce.

At first the mating, breeding, hatching and rearing is left to the instincts of the animals themselves, like nature intended it to go. Human intervention will only take place as a last resort. Only after urgent request and intensive deliberation, the choce could be made to rear the owl by human hands. Owls aren't the most easy birds to keep and take care for. Especially when you're primary goal of your mission for the owls is their wellbeing and quality of life. That's why every potential cliënt, for example a falconer, zoo or private buyer, will be “subjected” to extensive and serious conversations.



UilenHartjes is a member of B.E.C.